Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Dead in Rainbow Pencils

These Koh-I-Noor Magic Rainbow pencils were an impulse purchase that turned out to be a pretty cool little tool. They are a blend of two or three colors in one crayon in an over sized barrel; they give you a line in varying shades of yellow, blue and red.

It's great to work on location and I used these pencils to sketch "The Dead" when they were playing at the Garden State Arts Center. 

My business partner Tony Reonegro has done a ton of creative work for the band, so we had backstage passes; up close to the performance. I used a couple of different mediums that night, these are just the Rainbow Pencil sketches. It was crowded backstage and not conducive to working with any wet media, so I gave these a try along with some graphite work that I'll post another time.


  1. these are great sketches love the site

  2. Thanks for the kind words Derrick!
    It's great to have you aboard on this little slice of the internet!!!

    THANKS for commenting I really appreciate it.