Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wall Street Dead aHead Drawings

Wall Street Dead aHead is a professional networking event that was held last night at Studio 36 in NYC.  It's a great opportunity to mingle, meet new people and listen to live music. My friend and Grateful Dead artist, Antonio Reonegro, who is well known to Dead fans, created artwork and graphics for the event. Check out his work at this link.


I made some very quick sketches in a small 6x8 Strathmore 400 Series pad and with my Pelican M205 yellow demonstrator. (Filled with Platinum Carbon Black ink.)  

It was a very relaxed atmosphere with plenty of opportunities for conversation and drinks. 
I had plenty of both!

The Band was called the "Deadbeats." They performed to a very enthusiastic crowd.


  1. You captured the night beautifully. The mix of music, networking, art and business - with a bit of tequila, made for a very unique time. What an interesting, diverse group of people.

  2. Thanks for the kind words Linda! It was a fun night; and everything is better with little Tequila!

  3. Great post, is this a special nib? It looks bent like the Chinese ones but the other way around. Maybe it is just the foto (or a little Tequila :-))


  4. Hey Alex! Yes, it is a Pelikan M205 with a Condor nib. Available from Richard Binder. And you're right, it works the opposite way as the Chinese nib. A little tequlia doesn't hurt either! Thanks for commenting!
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