Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The long and short of the Worther Shorty

I've had this Worther Shorty since the 80's (it says "Made in W. Germany on the top!) and it's been a great pocket pencil that I've feared loosing because I've never seen them again since I picked it up at Pearl Paint on Canal St. But I recently found an online source and stocked up.
When I found that iPenstore had Worther Shorties I immediately orders seven in different colors. I gave four away but still have three in reserve. They're awesome little clutch pencils with a simple mechanism that fit in your pocket without taking up a lot of room.
The Shorty's size in comparison to a
 Mitsubishi Uni B lead holder and a
 Caran d'Ache 0.5 mechanical pencil.
The Shorty's 3 mm lead in comparison to a 0.9 Pentel, 
and a 2.0 Staedtler lead holder. 
The Shorty uses a generous 3mm lead.

My original Shorty stays in my studio, 
and the fresh troops hit the road with me.

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