Friday, October 14, 2011

Playing with crayons

It was a surprise to find these twist-up crayons at Staples. I picked them up to keep in my go-bag, and they turned our to be a of pretty good quality. I was able to make use of them right away at the New York Container Terminal. Most of the morning was spent sketching before getting into a day of shooting photographs for NYCT's annual promotional calendar.
These Cachet Studio 10 x 8 sketchbooks are great. They have 80 pages of 70lb paper that takes ink, pen and washes very well. It also has an elastic band enclosure that comes in handy.
This pack of 24 has a pretty good color assortment.

To draw wide flat marks I snap off a big piece at the tip and 
use it like a mini pastel. There is a generous amount 
of crayon in the barrel, so you don't need to worry about 
going through a color too fast.

There's quite a lot of stuff to go after down along the shore.

The black works great for quick sketches.
The 10 x 8 Cachet Wirebound Sketchbook is a 
comfortable size to work with. I've used few of them lately.
I've gotta say these were a pretty good buy and I'd recommend them... not bad for a Staples brand item.

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