Friday, November 11, 2011

Sailor Brush Calligraphy Pen... and Hippies!

I have to recommend the Sailor Sailor Brush Stroke Calligraphy Fountain. It's got an unusual shaped nib that lays down a wonderful line; thick to thin, with the feeling of a brush. It's designed to write Japanese calligraphy and is an awesome drawing tool. This was one item from a haul at Jet Pens and I'm glad tried it.
Parkman Bandstand in Boston Common, MA

I had it along with me during a trip to Boston. I have other drawings from the "Freedom Trail" that I will post soon.
This is a 55 degree nib, there's also a 45 degree that makes an even bolder line (I have both). I must admit, it takes some getting used to, but it's really great. This is not the most luxurious pen you'll find, but for under seventeen dollars, it's a great buy.
The barrel is long; 7 1/2" with the cap posted, which is great because you can store an extra ink cartridge and the Sailor cartridges are pretty big, so you can store quite a bit of ink.
 You can see the Sailor in comparison to the length of a Sharpie and a Lamy Vista. The cartridges come 12 to a box; not sure if there is a converter that will fit these pens.
These are some hippies I sketched at a recent "Hippie Shop" benefit concert. I have more drawings from the night, but these are the ones that I used my Sailor Brush pen.

Looking forward to drawing a lot more with these great pens!


  1. Very cool pen! Thank you for the comment on my blog. I'm having some blogger comment trouble lately so I apologize for the late response! You have a really great blog too! I enjoyed reading your posts and I shall definitely visit again :)

  2. Great review and cool art work!

  3. Great to hear form you guys!

    I gotta do more work with this pen; it's a lot of fun to draw with. Come to think of it, I've yet to do any calligraphy with it. I must get to it!

    Thanks for taking the time to comment!!!

  4. Did you tested the Duke 209? Curled nib too. If not, maybe you would like it.

    1. And, of course, you own an awesome art, I'm flashed!