Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Higgin's Eternal and King Arthur.

This new edition of Sir Thomas Malory's LE MORTE D'ARTHUR was a terrific project to work on. Penguin USA wanted a new cover and type treatment for this classic.
My tools of choice for this project was my old Speedball nibs and handles, a bamboo reed pen and sumi brush with Higgin's Eternal ink.

Working from my thumbnails, I knew bold rough marks were needed to go with the broken gothic mix of typography I had in mind.
This 140 lb Lanaquarelle watercolor paper is terrific stuff. Really tough and can take the roughest, scratchiest marks without feathering. Washes are a breeze. I got this large 113/4" x 15 3/4" from Legion Paper; a fantastic company for quality art paper.

My roughs for King Arthur started...well... rough; dunno why I started on a white legal pad. I used a Sheaffer NoNonsense fountain, Pentel brush pen, Faber Castell Pitt brush pen and a Sharpie.
My Sharpie is contained in this snazzy Sherpa pen shell. A great holder for Sharpies and other pens; they come in different colors and designs. I picked it up at Fountain Pen Hospital.

As usual, the thumbnail process sets the tone for the whole project.

After the project was completed, I thought it would be great to make woodblock prints of the approved and alternate cover designs. I'll have a future post of the finished blocks and prints along with the details of the tools and material that I use from McClain's Printmaking Supplies.
This Shina Polywood cuts like butter.
A completed block, before printing.


  1. Great that you share the details of your tools and project...makes this a cool blog.

  2. Thanks Rod!
    I appreciate the kind words; I'm glad you like details!

  3. Thanks for sharing your talents with us, Tom. I have a great love for book design, pens/office supplies and visual art--your blog has it all!

  4. Hey J!
    Thanks for the kind words!!!
    Dunno if I have it all, but I'm happy to share what I got!
    Great to have you aboard!

    Really appreciate you commenting.