Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Cut-outs

I made these little Spooky guys to decorate the house for Halloween. I've done larger designs but these are little ones that fit on the windows of a french door. 

 I used Strathmore Artgain paper. It's a great weight and jet black. Awesome stuff for cutouts.

A spooky spider
These are Westcott "Extreme Edge"shears, probably the best scissors I ever used. They're sharp and nicely balanced; and even come with a key so you can adjust the tension on the blades.
Nothing beats a fresh Exacto blade; I change them frequently throughout a project. (Keep an empty jar on your desk to store the used blades... there's never a dull Exacto blade, especially when they're sticking straight up in your garbage can!)
Looks like a Halloween party when they're all out on the table!
 This is where all the spooky guys stay with the help of tiny bit of double stick tape.
Happy Halloween everyone!

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