Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Moleskines on the Road

Who can live without a Moleskine anymore? They travel, they're trendy and they're pretty durable, which is important, because mine tend to get dragged everywhere and get kinda beat up.
I used the unlined sketchbooks in different sizes in hard and soft cover. There's also a Japaneses album, a storyboard sketch and pocket watercolor books.
The watercolor books really are great; strong durable paper that can take and hold color and ink very well. I carry a Niji waterbrush along with a Cotman mini pan watercolor set. Banded together it's a nice compact road kit.
 Each one of these have a story to go with them; I'll share them in future posts.
Two fresh Moleskinnes wait their turn.


  1. Nice collection of sketch books!

  2. I'm a fan of collection notebook/sketchbooks... hopefully soon I'll fill them all :)

  3. I usually hop from one notebook to the other, so they all seem to be in progress... sometimes it feels like you'll never finish them up; might take years actually.
    And who SAYS you have to fill every page anyway?

    With the way I pick up new ones, I'll never be done... but maybe that's the point...

    Draw on!!!!

  4. I'm really enjoying working through your older posts, Tom. Do you have a YouTube channel? I know I'd love to see a video of you flipping through some of these notebooks.

    Jesse (Canada)

  5. That's a cool idea J; but sadly I do not.
    Dunno how interesting it would be, BUT... I really do want to post some video... an aim for 2013!

    Thanks for commenting!!!!