Monday, October 24, 2011

My Kingdom for a Fountain!

This Libelle Alphabet Fountain is one of my favorites. It's got great weight and balance and feels good to draw with. The coating is a high gloss resin that's different from any other pen that I have. The description says it's perfect for "wordsmiths and crossword puzzle enthusiasts;" but they left out us type designers. I believe it's a Bodoni family printed on the barrel; looks great.
My Libelle worked through every page of a Strathmore pocket sketch. A nice little pair that I carried with me as I was reading "The Once and Future King" by T.H. White. 
Mine has a steel medium nib.
The only disappointment I have is with the cap. It posts fine, but the threads don't line up easily; you could easily cross up them up if your not careful. Other than that, it's a primo pen.
I usually use a converter for my fountains, but I used the standard Pelikan cartridges for this one, simply so I could do a quick refill on the road.
"The old man was streaked with droppings over
his shoulders, among the stars and triangles
 of his gown, and a large spider was slowly
lowering itself from the tip of his hat..."

"The Wart found himself almost hypnotized by by the
big words and hardly noticed that the big mouth
was coming closer and closer to him."
T.H. White's book is called one of the foundations of modern fantasy, I can see why. My only regret is that I didn't read this book as a boy!
I gotta try this pen with the converter, maybe with a Noodler's color...

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