Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Leather Field Notes Cover by 1.61 Soft Goods

I read about 1.61 Soft Goods on the Baum Kutchen blog and checked them out. Very cool stuff! Their leather Field Notes covers caught my eye and I though I'd give it a try. It arrived today and I have to say it's pretty nice.
I chose one in british tan from their sample sale. The look and feel is great and the new leather smell is awesome. It's a very simple design; a leather cover with an elastic cord that keeps your notebook in place and also serves as a closure. (I actually had to adjust mine to keep the knot at the bottom, but it's very easy to do.)

Everything from 1.61 is hand made. Wrapped in hand stamped craft paper with a personalized stamped hang tag, tied in red and white bakers cord. All nice touches. 

These will certainly draw comparisons to the Midori Travel Notebook (which I also have, and like very much) but this isn't a cheap knock off. It's nice quality leather that I'm certain will age and wear beautifully and the little design touches, like a notch for the enclosure cord, prove it's been given consideration. I do wish the enclosure cord was separate from holding the notebook in place, but other than that I think it's terrific.
And for $20.00 it's not a bad deal. Plus they offer free shipping in the US. 

The leather cover does not come with a notebook. This is a craft cover Field Notes book with grid pages.

The small design details, like this notch, is a nice touch.

The items from the sample sale might have imperfections. I think they add character to the leather. There is a very modest 1.61 branding on the inside back cover.
You can see the texture of the unfinished inside cover.

This is how the cover looks without a notebook inside.
Moleskine paperback notebooks fit just as well as the Field Notes.

1.61 Soft Goods does and awesome job. My order shipped quickly... and free! So will yours!