Monday, November 28, 2011

Ahab Flex Pens

The Noodler's Ahab Flex pens were finally released at Goulet Pens last week and I gotta say, they are were worth the wait! I love these pens; with a big flex nib and large ink capacity, they are awesome. I did only a few little sketches with the clear demonstrator over the holiday weekend, but I'm looking forward to getting into them. They're an incredible value at only 20 bucks and unlike the flex pen releases in the past, Goulet has plenty in stock.

Ahab sketched with an Ahab.
The Ahab in three colors clear, Mandarin Yellow and
Dec 25 Red. I started with Noodler's Black ink on
a Strathmore 4x6 sketchbook.
The clear demonstrator.
Harpoon man Queequeg.
GULP!  I swallowed up six Ahab pens in my order!
Noodler's black and a little bit of Habenaro