Friday, October 21, 2011

Pentel Color Brush and Indian Folktales.

Pentel Brush pens are one of my favorite tools; in fact I've had one for close to 20 years that I use as a dip brush. I don't know how the brush stays in such great shape at all times... it just does. They're always reliable and pretty economical considering the mileage you get from one cartridge. It also gives you a wide range of line values; I go easily from wide to fine lines and back again. You can find them in different brush sizes at Jet Pens and in different colors at Blick
I used them in combination with Calli ink to create a piece for a traditional Indian dance company. THRESH was performing a modern version of "The Absent Lover," an Indian folktale and wanted artwork for a backdrop. This piece illustrates the whole story with vignettes and symbols from the story.

I made thumbnail sketches throughout the script.
The imagery in the story needed to be illustrated in an
all inclusive backdrop design.

These brush pens give a wide range of line values.
They're clean and a breeze to use.

The final art was a projection throughout the performance.

This "Tree of Life" piece is a combination of Pentel Brush pen and Calli ink with a dip brush.
I got the parchment paper was from Blick Art Supply in NYC. They have a terrific paper department.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sketch-a-roo! At the Bull Riding invitational.

Mrs. Claus was very thoughtful last Christmas and got me, among other things, tickets for my buckaroo and I to the Professional Bull Riders invitational at Madison Square Garden. (Okay, so I love the rodeo.) I brought along a sketchbook and we had a good ol' time.

The rules in bull riding are simple... stay on for 8 seconds...
... not as simple as it sounds!

The bulls are so cute... almost a ton of pure rage and fury!

I changed drawing tools a couple of times. I sketched mostly with Primsacolor Art Stix; they're nice and sturdy and seem to last forever. You can keep a few in your pocket and it could be all you need all day.

Brown Prismacolor Art Six. Clean and easy to use.

The bull pen... no pitchers in here, just bulls.

Scheafer No-Nonsense fountain pens are a studio workhorse and I always carry one with me. These can take a beating and continue to work; I've never clogged one...ever! 

You used to be able to get these pens in any stationery and drug store. Those days are long gone. I'll be doing a future post on them.

These Mitsubishi Uni pencils are terrific; they draw smooth as silk.

There's nothing like the sights and smell of the rodeo!
The PBA puts on an awesome, all-American show.
A great guys night out!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Studio Workhorse: The 4x6 Strathmore Sketch

Like most artist/designers, I love my sketchbooks. And although I use all types of varying quality and cost like Moleskine and Fabriano, there is one that has served me pretty well over the years, the modest Strathmore 4x6 Sketchbook. When I recently sorted through my mess of a studio, I stacked up quite a few and realized I'm pretty brand loyal. They really are little workhorses. I always have one in my back pocket. They're handy and fairly durable for when ideas come to mind on the road and most important... they keeping me occupied in waiting rooms and long lines.
A few of my loyal pocket sketchbooks.
One always goes everywhere with me.
Usually no one sees these but me... and for good reason!
The siege at Hougoumont... 
probably done while waiting for soccer practice to end.
These are easy to keep stocked up on.
At under $3, I usually keep a bunch of fresh horses on hand.