Thursday, December 15, 2011

Snowman Advent Calendar

Meet "Chilly"... Frosty's cousin.
The kids are counting down the days til Christmas with this snowman advent calendar. He's made from large sheets of Canson art paper, white masking tape and Avery dot labels.
Each window in numbered and has a little brush pen sketch inside.
I've used these Staedtler Marsgraphic Duo pens for years, they're awesome.  They are water based markers with a spongy tip brush on one end and a fine point marker on the other. This is a brand new pack that I could not wait to break open.
The fourth day is a merry pug.
Herbie the elf.

I added glittery accents with Folk Art glitter acrylic. I keep separate brushes to use just for this kind of paint to keep glitter from getting into everything I'm working on!

 "Chilly" is not alone, he's got a few buddies with him, who'll be in another post.