Thursday, February 20, 2014

My vintage Ed Emberley sketch pad.

While cleaning out a basement cabinet in my parents home, I found a pile of my childhood drawing pads and sketchbooks. I remember my father buying this pad for me; I loved it, carried it everywhere and drew superheroes in it (I was way too cool for cars and trucks). I was blessed with parents who fostered my love of drawing.
I still love this little pad. I'm glad it's in my studio now.

Forty years later and I have a real appreciation for Ed Emberley; a prolific illustrator and artist.
Click here to see a great video about him. If you don't know his work, seek it out, just amazing.
Front cover of the coolest little pad I had as a kid.
The back cover where Ed says drawing is FUN, INTERESTING and EASY!
(Two out of three ain't bad..!)
 The easy instructions weren't easy enough for me.... but gimme a break, I was five!
These cool little instructions are on the inside front cover.
I honestly could not follow along... besides I was busy  drawing "Ameba (sic) Man"!

The above mentioned Ameba Man... I know, I know it's spelled "amoeba"... again, I was FIVE!

A few more of my cast of characters... why did Bullethead have such short arms!?!?!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Martian Chronicles with Carbon Black

Some small sketches in a Canson 3.5 x 5.5 just to test a freshly cleaned flex nib.

14K flex nib filled with Platinum Carbon Black.
Ray Bradbury's Martian Chronicles (or any of his books) are a wealth of inspiration for drawings.