Friday, October 21, 2011

Pentel Color Brush and Indian Folktales.

Pentel Brush pens are one of my favorite tools; in fact I've had one for close to 20 years that I use as a dip brush. I don't know how the brush stays in such great shape at all times... it just does. They're always reliable and pretty economical considering the mileage you get from one cartridge. It also gives you a wide range of line values; I go easily from wide to fine lines and back again. You can find them in different brush sizes at Jet Pens and in different colors at Blick
I used them in combination with Calli ink to create a piece for a traditional Indian dance company. THRESH was performing a modern version of "The Absent Lover," an Indian folktale and wanted artwork for a backdrop. This piece illustrates the whole story with vignettes and symbols from the story.

I made thumbnail sketches throughout the script.
The imagery in the story needed to be illustrated in an
all inclusive backdrop design.

These brush pens give a wide range of line values.
They're clean and a breeze to use.

The final art was a projection throughout the performance.

This "Tree of Life" piece is a combination of Pentel Brush pen and Calli ink with a dip brush.
I got the parchment paper was from Blick Art Supply in NYC. They have a terrific paper department.

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  1. wow amazing with your brush strokes! the brush pen can be refilled with bottled inks? instead of the regular manufactured catridge?