Friday, November 18, 2011

Paper Cut-Out Turkeys!

I made these cut out turkeys to decorate the kids rooms for Thanksgiving. I love working with paper and try to make new little friends to join us for the holidays.
This is "Chubby..."
... and his girlfriend "Hildie."
They are made from Canson acid free art paper. It comes in large individual sheets in different textures. It's suitable for drawing with dry media and light washes and the range of colors are great. I use it often for cutouts.
"Chubby" up close.

I like how the light shows through the cut out shapes.
Large sheets are great for bigger designs.
Westcott "Extreme Edge"shears are awesome;
 they're a great addition to your studio 
if you work with paper. I can't operate without the 
stand-by Xacto knife; I misplace everything, 
so I keep at least a dozen throughout the studio.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! I have much to be grateful for; including you taking the time to check this out. Have a terrific holiday weekend!!!


  1. This is cool. Do you begin by just cutting or do you make sketches first?

  2. Hey Greg!
    I usually do a quick thumbnail sketch first. I'll try to put some in another post. But I don't do much planning after that; I wait to see what the paper does a I begin to cut pieces away.
    A lot of the time I'm just as surprised as anyone else!

    Thanks for commenting!!!

  3. Lovely work! I especially like the shot of the light and shadow through the cuts.

  4. These are awesome! Wow! And also some great photography.

    I have added your blog to mine, Tom.

  5. Thanks guys!
    Never thought I'd get compliments on my pix!

    ... and thanks for commenting!

    Glad to be on board Penn!