Friday, March 30, 2012

Ben Hur in print

I created the cover artwork for this new edition of BEN-HUR back in August. I just received an advance copy from Penguin Books that will be on sale starting April 3rd.

It was great to do a new edition of this classic story!

I used Noodler's flex pens and #41 brown ink for the drawings; all acquired at Goulet Pens.
Goulet carries the full line of Noodler's pens and inks.

I also used a reed pen in some designs.
You can see more about the alternate illustrations and cover designs at the original posting:


  1. AWESOME!!!! I must have one of these.

    1. Very cool Drew, thanks!
      I've included the Amazon link in the post. Hope you can check it out.
      Sadly I'm only provided one copy from the publisher, so I'll be ordering mine as well!

      Thanks for commenting dude! Great to hear from you. Glad to see the Goulet empire is growing! My best to all.


  2. Fabulous explosive energetic cover work, Tom.
    I've got the creeper from Goulet, but couldn't abide the smell of it. Maybe I'll be a little more patient.

  3. Hey ChiChi!
    Ah! There's the key word for using the Noodler's Flex pens... patience! But if you are kind to your Ahabs and Flex pens, they will reward you. I did buy several of each; 1, to stock up on what works and 2, to have the ability to switch off to another if one decides to misbehave! Since they are not too pricey, it was a good investment.
    And that "new noodler's smell"... I must admit is not pleasant... but it does fade in time and these pens give me so much in return, how can I judge them for one little embarrassing fault?... If my wife did that I'd have been out on the curb years ago!!!!
    Many thanks for your kind words about my work!
    Thanks so much for commenting!

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  5. Thanks for the kind words PS!
    I'm glad to have de-mystified the process!

    Great to hear from you!
    Thanks for commenting.
    Tom, NYC