Saturday, February 11, 2012

New tools!

Santa's elves (and Mrs Clause) were very generous and thoughtful this year... as always, and I've got a lot of new stuff to keep me busy for a while. I'll have reviews of these items posted soon. They're all awesome additions to my studio/carry bag. Links to some item are below if you want to check them out for yourself.

A nice bundle of items from my thoughtful family.

Great new drawing tools that I can't wait to get into!

Pictured above:

Let me know if you've gotten a great new addition to your writing/drawing tools!


  1. Hey I have the exact same Prera! I love that yellow. The Hudson also looks awesome.

  2. My friend told me that the Prera is his go-to gift pen for new fountain users. Luckily Mrs Clause saw it on my wish list. You're right, the colors are awesome, there is a green version that is very cool. My Hudson still remains un-inked! I refuse to start it up in a hurry, I've been to jammed up to give it the attention it deserves! I'll be getting into it with all the discipline of a Japanese tea ceremony!
    Thanks for commenting Penink! GREAT to hear from you!