Thursday, February 16, 2012

Schrade Tactical Pen

I saw a review of the Schrade Tactical Pen and was intrigued. And wouldn't you know it, Santa put one in my stocking! I gotta say it's a terrific pen and make no mistake, it's also a well crafted weapon, a version of a Kubotan. But it's got a German made nib that draws nicely. A great carry pen just for it's toughness, it would take a lot to scratch or damage it.
It's heavy and feels more like a tool than a pen, but what it lacks in finesse in makes up for in style... it looks like The Dark Knight would carry one. And besides, what other instrument can write like a fountain and crush a man's sternum?!?

See a detailed review at No Pen Intended and  Multi Pens Dimensions

The Schrade Tactical is a knockout of a pen... and slammed against the temple of a would-be attacker, it's lights-out.

I broke in my Scharade with some quick sketches while watching a great classic film, The Ox-Bow Incident. Check it out for the beautiful lighting alone. Great characters and story.
The characters in this film are terrific.
The Schrade uses the standard international cartridge, but I'm going to try a standard converter.
We're formin' a posse sheriff!
Major Tetley

The Schrade is a big pen, I've compared it above to: a Noodler's Ahab, Lamy Vista, and a Twsbi Diamond 530. For under 30 bucks it's a pretty good value. I recommend it.
I'd be interested to hear what other Schrade owners think.


  1. What a score! Like the black color also. Thanks for the mention,

  2. An awesome score! I'm digging the Batman-gear look.
    Thanks to your review I went for it!

    It was a pleasure to add your link Yoch.
    Thanks for the shout. Hope all is cool in the multi-pen world!

    Tom, NYC

  3. Now that you called it a "Dark Knight" pen, I think I need one.

    I've actually had good experiences with the Monteverde std int'l converter. It's pretty cheaply manufactured, but it worked for me.

    1. Ah! Seems I've come up with an effective marking angle!
      I'm going to give it a shot with the converter and see what happens.

      Thanks for your thoughts!